Seeing clients’ skin transform in as little as one hour is what fuels my love and dedication to the art of skincare! Your satisfaction is my main priority. Read on to see what my clients have said about my services…

It had been awhile since I was able to fit Sara and a facial into my schedule but yesterday I had my amazing appointment… All I can say is “WOW!” Sara asked about my areas of concern and really listened… by the time I was finished my face looked alive and clear. Even today the areas I was concerned about have improved – winkles and blackheads. Yeah Sara! AND… my family commented that there was a “glow” about me. Now, to only wait for my next apt. Iit can’t come fast enough!!


I first went to Sara for a “fun” facial and immediately fell in love with her services. It was not like any other facial I had received. She talked and explained each step along the way as to why she was using or doing what she was. I believe each of her treatments is customized for “you” and your needs. After talking with Sara and her finding out my eye area was my main concern and that I had even had Plastic Surgery consults, the Microcurrent was brought up. I went through the whole program and loved it. The results where wonderful and no surgery to recover from. I am very happy with the results and can feel a change each time I receive a treatment! Thanks Sara!


3 years ago after being on accutane for severe acne, after 6 months and $7ooo.oo my face was finally clear, strangely one day I looked in mirror and noticed deep deep lines and realized I wasn’t happy. A month or two later I read about Sara in southwest journal and decided reluctantly as a guy to try this. Sara from the get go was very helpful and wanted to respond to my needs, after a few months where I was like em hmm etc. the changes have been dramatic, the deep lines are gone and literally the whole texture of my face is different. The best thing about Sara is each time in she seems to do something different, she treats my face like it was her own, I’d recommend her to anyone that wants to look better and feel better about themselves. Also I never feel like she’s pushing something on me also lastly I’ve checked prices and she’s very reasonable… thanks Sara

-Arin Krich

I just tried the Microcurrent and loved it! I incorporated it with Microdermabrasion and saw immediate results. My skin, especially around my eyes, looks so much better. Thank you again Sara, for the amazing treatment!

-Jen Best

Sara’s knowledge of skin care surpassed my expectations when I first came to her office. I never realized all that is involved in creating and maintaining healthy skin. I was thrilled to see and feel the difference after just a few treatments. I am a strong believer in maintaining your health and I am hooked on this amazing art of self-care. Sara is thorough with her treatments and if she is not satisfied she will do whatever she can to make everything perfect. Her passion for natural skin health is assuring and that is what differentiates Sara from the rest of the skin specialists out there. My skin is soft and beautiful and I have Sara to thank for that. Thank You Sara!

-Catherine Langer

Yoga Instructor

Minnetonka, MN

I’ve been using the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic that Sara recommended. It has evened out my skin, and I don’t wear foundation anymore. I just use powder and that’s it. I’ve received a lot of compliments at how good my skin looks.

-Nicole Blessing


Sara, thank you very much for seeing us yesterday. You are a blessing. Rachel talked about you on the way home and loved your personality. She talked about how nice you were about things and how you let her know what was going on before you even started something new, which made her very comfortable. You’re very professional and we can see that you truly care about each person that you treat. We’re both excited about the results. We look forward to seeing you again!

– Beau Nordby

Lakeville , MN

I recently used Dr. Chen Refining and Lifting Cream. I was a little skeptical at first as to how well it would work for me, but after I used it I was amazed at how soft and smooth my skin felt, even the next day! I love it!!

-Gina LaBeaux

Woodbury , MN

Sara, I want to thank you for your good care. I enjoy my appointments and the treatments so much, and your maintenance regimen gets incredible results. I receive so many compliments on my skin, thanks to you.

-Ann Gosack

Northfield , MN

Sara, thank you so much for recommending the Retinol treatment for me. I’ve been using it for several months now and the difference in my skin is amazing. It makes my skin feel like velvet. I can’t believe the number of compliments I’ve gotten, most of them from complete strangers!

Thank you again for your caring and dedication to the art of Skin Care!

-Janet Berge